Profile: Caroline Kateeba

Caroline has made her mark on the international arena since matriculating from Crawford College North Coast in the Matric Class of 2006, spreading her wings after departing from boarding, which she recalls fondly as being “so much fun”, as “I loved the unity and love amongst all of us.”  She returned to her home in Kampala City, Uganda before studying at the University of Nottingham in the United Kingdom, where she completed a Masters of Political Science Degree in International Relations and Global Issues between 2007 and 2011.  During this time she participated in an exchange programme at the Faculty of Arts in the Department of Political Science at McGill University in Montreal Canada.  She also received a certificate for an International Human Rights Law Course at Nottingham University.

These qualifications were instrumental in her starting her career in the Ugandan public sector with a focus on human rights and politics.  She had already gained valuable work experience with her internship for the Human Rights Network in Uganda with her research paper on “Bride Price”, known locally as “Lobola”.  She represented the Minority of Gender, Labour and Social Development at the advocacy workshop on the launch of the female condom in Uganda.  She also represented the non-governmental organisation known as HURINET at the review conference of the Rome Statute for the International Criminal Court. Caroline also interned for an online magazine called Think Africa Press in the capacity as a journalist and legal researcher, and this research led her to publish an article on a documentary about gay rights activism in Uganda.

Her passions have led her into the business sector where she currently works as a Corporate Social Responsibility Officer, which has her responsible for the development and implementation of the CSR Strategy which focuses on improving the communities that her company operates in. She has formed strategic partnerships with Roteract (Kampala Central), Young Entrepreneurs Programme, and the Kampala City Council Authority. She has also assisted the Marketing division with their strategy and is studying further in this field by currently pursuing a Diploma in Marketing (level 6) with the Chartered Institute of Marketing in the UK.

Caroline has enjoyed travels to the UK and Canada, besides Uganda and SA for both study and work opportunities.  In 2008 she was awarded a participation certificate from the Centre for Global Justice, and in 2011 she was awarded the University of Nottingham’s Advantage Award due to her high academic performance. She was more importantly recognised as a Future Leader by the UK Media Organisation.  Caroline is indeed a young person who is making her destiny a reality, a destiny which has led her to Washington DC in the USA where she is presently a Business Development and Partnerships Associate at “Trees for the Future”, where she is living out her passion for communications, marketing and building business partnerships between the private and public sectors.

Alumnus Profile: Ran Neu-Ner

All it takes is one great idea and – boom! – you have a success, or is it really? As Ran Neu-Ner explains it, the secret to succeeding as an entrepreneur is no secret at all – it comes down to actually doing the work.

Ran Neu-Ner believes business is business, whether you’re selling cabbages or cars. He graduated from university with a B.Com and a CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst), and, having added qualification to his entrepreneurial drive, was unleashed onto the world of real business.

In 2001, he founded The Creative Counsel (TCC) with long-time school friend Gil Oved, and 14 years later their humble two-man operation grew into the largest communications and advertising group in Africa, with an annual turnover of over R700 Million, employing over 1500 full-time employees and creating tens of thousands of part-time jobs.

Known as the business giants of South Africa, it was no surprise when the mega French agency, Publicis Groupe acquired the dynamic duo’s company for a reported record-breaking eight-digit Rand figure.

Ran was awarded the 2016 Top Performing Business Leader by the National Business Awards. He says talented entrepreneurs are being thwarted by the red tape of financial institutions, to the detriment of the country’s economic development. “Funding is the first of two major issues for start-ups. This latent potential must be realised, which is where I hope to have an impact”. Therefore, he has partnered with Suits and Sneakers, an informal inspirational learning and networking platform, to manage applications, assist with training, and provide mentorship for the shortlisted candidates.

Ran is a perfectionist whose brain never switches off. He lives by this creed: “Never ever, ever give up. Often what separates people who succeed from those who fail is the willingness and ability to overcome whatever hurdle is paced in their way”.

Listen to Ran on South Africa Today, speaking about his lessons learnt in business:

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Alumnus Profile: Adhir Kalyan

Even if you weren’t at Crawford Durban with Adhir Kalyan, you may notice that his face is oddly familiar. That’s because he’s gained international fame as an actor, with roles in several blockbuster movies.

After completing high school on a full scholarship, Adhir attained a degree in politics and psychology through Unisa. “These subjects interested me because my mother has both qualifications. Acting is an examination of the human condition and psychology has helped me feel the characters I play”.

Adhir’s career as a thespian started in theatre. He appeared in a number of stage productions, including Oliver Twist and A Christmas Carol (both based on the Charles Dickens classics); Shakespeare’s Macbeth and an adaptation of author Salman Rushdie’s The Ground Beneath Her Feet.

In 2002, he was one of only 30 actors (out of 1 200) to be offered a place at London’s Central School of Speech and Drama. Financial issues led him to not accept the position; however, in 2005 he moved to London to pursue his acting career where he gained roles in BBC series Holby City (series 8) as Arimand Younis, in Spooks (series 5), and on the Irish network RTE One in Fair City as Ramal Kirmani as well as many independent films.

His move into American television came with a role in Aliens in America, followed by recurring appearances in the dark drama series, Nip/Tuck. Adhir also made a debut on the silver screen, appearing in Paul Blart: Mall Cop. His other movie credits include the George Clooney romance Up in the Air; Youth in Revolt; Fired Up and No Strings Attached, which also starred Oscar winner Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher.

Adhir might have been a late addition to the cast of Rules of Engagement, but you’d never know it now. He appeared in a guest role during the third season and soon became a regular character, acting opposite TV veteran David Spade and proving himself as a comic talent.

His most recent project was the wonderful performance in the American science fiction crime drama television, Second Chance. His interpretation of his character left audiences in awe.

This year, Adhir reunites with Sony TV, where he has been tapped as the lead in Making Friends, Amazon Studios’ multi-camera comedy pilot that centres on Mark (Kalyan), a brilliant guy with an artificial intelligence degree who creates robots and spends his days hanging out with them as his main group of friends.

Going to his personal bio, Adhir and General Hospital actress, Emily Wilsons’ love affair came to light in 2015 after the rumours about their dating flew in the media. But the pair started dating during the end of 2008 and kept a low profile until they were sure they had a thing for each other. They took quite a time to get to know each other and eventually in 2015 they confirmed the rumours about their relationship. Later that year Adhir scooped his leading lady, as they got engaged and over the weekend of the 1st of October 2016, the couple married in the beautiful setting of Colony 29 resort in Palm Springs, CA.

While LA is home, Adhir said he enjoys visiting Durban once a year and hope to stay for longer each time.

Don’t miss him on the closest screen.

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