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Old Crawfordian Society


Looking at a brighter future

CrawfordSchools™ has been a part of South African education for over 20 years. The schools that make up the Crawford collection constitute the largest single private school organisation in South Africa. CrawfordSchools™ boasts nineteen of the top schools in South Africa. Together they have challenged every traditional and conventional practice in education in our country. Their academic success is proven. They are trailblazers in innovative and forward-thinking education. Every student is acknowledged and offered the opportunity to excel. The child-centred approach inherent in every school ensures that students examine and realise their own potential. CrawfordSchools™ offers an academic foundation of the highest order and ensures that each student is a fully-rounded person. Cultural success is a cornerstone of every school, while sport is enjoyed by every sports-loving student and community involvement is celebrated by every civic-minded citizen.

Crawford College Sandton has been assisting their students with local and international University applications and has been very successful in placing students in Universities in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, The Netherlands & Europe. The College has always been proactive in giving students the opportunity to look abroad when wanting to further their studies and host many International University presentations including some of the prestigious IVY league universities.

Crawford College Sandton would like to congratulate the following students who matriculated last year (2017) and have been accepted into International Universities:

• Erin Liebenberg – University of Pennsylvania (Ivy League)
• Yarin Neuhaus - NYU
• Nigel Sudarkasa - AMDA (American Musical and Dramatic Academy ) College and Conservatory of the Performing Arts in Los Angeles, California
• Arielle Traub - Northwestern University (to study Engineering)
• Maya Bortz - NYU
• Cassiel Eatock-Winnik – Carnegie Mellon
• Malaika Chidzero - University of Utrecht

Crawford College Sandton wishes them everything of the very best for their new adventure. #ThrowbackThursday #OldCrawfordians #OldCrawfordianSociety

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To all Crawfordians near and far.... we would like to invite you to join us at a special birthday picnic at Crawford Sandton! 25 years of the best there is to be celebrated! 🎉 ...

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Old Crawfordian Society

Alumnus: Jemma van Breda
Year: 2016
School: Crawford La Lucia


Old Crawfordian, dancer, choreographer and business lady, Jemma van Breda, is giving local dancers and other artists the chance to engage, share ideas and develop their craft with their global counterparts.

Jemma had been awarded a scholarship to the prestigious Millennium Dance Complex in Los Angeles in the North Hollywood arts district and had danced with every one of her greatest role models and trained every day for four months with the on-tour dancers who traveled with Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Britney Spears and Chris Brown.

But then she realised she was missing dancing in South Africa which has such an extensive range of raw talent, passion, and diversity. Instead of starting out on her US dream career, she decided to return home to South Africa to start an organisation called “UNITY”.

UNITY is an organisation that strives to become a one-of-a-kind platform for the art forms of dance, music, acting, film, fitness, yoga, performing arts and all things creative operating nationally and internationally.

Workshops and classes will be held with local and international teachers, mentors and members of “UNITY” will automatically qualify for the chance to win bursaries and scholarships to prestigious global institutions as part of the developmental, talent exchange platform.

The key to the international connection will be the creation of local videos, which people will be able to be view globally, thus saving local dancers and other artists the time and expense of traveling overseas to showcase their talents.

Jemma has big plans as she continues to grow in her craft and her business. She believes in working as hard as you can in every aspect of life. That includes not giving up, that includes technique and performance, that includes sportsmanship and setting goals and that includes getting yourself where you want to be. Your input most certainly determines your output, therefore try to give everything 110% and remember that passion will be your greatest friend in doing so. (HINT: if you have passion – it won’t feel like work!). #WomensMonth #CrawfordPride #OldCrawfordian

Website - unitysouthafrica.com
Instagram – @jemvanbreda
Twitter - @JemmaVanBreda

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